Photographing Hogs, Er Photographing Pigs

Sometimes, in the excitement of doing something different, you can forget the bigger picture, no pun intended.  Well maybe a little pun.  Last week I had the opportunity to photograph some hogs.  Not Harley, but actual pigs.

I had an invitation to visit a small farm owned by a delightful couple working hard to make their dreams come true.  In the short time that they owned their farm they had cleared what amounted to a small landfill of trash left by former owners, built barns, built fences and bush hogged acres of stubborn weeds and overgrown briar.

The pigs were in a good sized paddock, probably perfect from the pigs point of view.  The front part of the paddock, closest to the house was flat. From there it sloped up along a lightly wooded hillside allowing the pigs shade while they rooted and grazed.

Unfortunately the recent rains had result of creating too much mud in the flatter areas of the paddock.  The rest of the hillside area had longer grass and other plants which would obstruct the lower areas of the pigs bodies.  I decided that situating myself at the upper hogs1

corner of the paddock, furthest from the trees, would allow me the best light and views.  Fortunately the fence was low enough to allow me to easily shoot over it.  As the paddock contained two sows with litters along with a full grown boar, I had no desire to enter it to take the photos.

Two things come to mind that, as part of the “bigger picture” I missed. I should have taken charge.  I should have asked ahead of time what the paddock was like.  And, I should have suggested using a piglettemporary fence to partition off a section of the flat and nicely mown back lawn to place some of the smaller piglets in for photos. These adorable babies, referred to by their owners as “bacon bits” stole the show.







About view2013

I'm a photographer who enjoys working with natural light to help my camera capture what my eyes have seen.
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3 Responses to Photographing Hogs, Er Photographing Pigs

  1. You are so lucky! They must be my favourite animal! I would love to be able to be that close to take pictures 😊

    • view2013 says:

      Thank you, I have been spending the last few weeks photographing critters other than my usual horse models. Look for coming posts on chickens, sheep and llamas.

  2. Reblogged this on Wishing Well and commented:
    My most favourite animal! I would love to photograph them 🐷

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