Photographer’s Block, Writer’s Block, and Slush

Recently I have found myself totally blank of creativity.  Photographer’s block as well as writer’s block has had me in their respective grip.  I could blame it on the approaching holiday season.  I could blame it on being overly involved with my day job.  Finally I could blame it on depression.  Not a major clinical type depression, but the down feeling blues that comes with the time change.  Every November like clockwork our time gets turned back an hour.  Suddenly I’m driving to work in daylight and driving home in the dark leaving me only weekends to relax outside, take photos, go birding.  But mainly I blame it on myself.  I haven’t even tried to push beyond it, until today.

Well today I’m off work and it is raining outside.  Not only is it raining but it’s predicted to change over to sleet and snow.  Never mind that.  Today is the day that I find a way to push IMGP1771beyond it all.  The first thing I did was take my camera and go outside.  My camera and two of it’s lenses are weather and dust resistant.  I kept it under my raincoat though unless I was actually using it.  I must admit that my neighborhood in the rain doesn’t have much that is photogenic.  But I did still try, and it felt good to be out.

Well it seems the predictions were true. So in my newly determined state of mind I IMGP1793ventured forth once again with camera in hand.  this time to try and capture the essence of falling snow.  Snow photography is new for me.  Despite having been raised in New England I now find the prospect of snow to be worrisome.  An hours commute to work can do that to some.  Especially when my day job is in health care and “snow days” are not allowed to be taken.

My final photographic venture this day is to prove that the weather did indeed follow what the forecasters had said.  Very shortly after the snow had started to fall the sleet IMGP1820followed.  This varied precipitation had the predicted effect.  From an area washed clean by a gentle rain, to one turning picturesque in the snow, I now have one that is just plain slush.

Slush.  What my photographer’s and writer’s block had turned my mind into.  Neither rain no snow, neither black nor white, neither here nor there.  Well despite the weather I’m determined to unblock my creativity and sallow forth camera in hand to capture what I see.  As soon as the slush goes away.



About view2013

I'm a photographer who enjoys working with natural light to help my camera capture what my eyes have seen.
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1 Response to Photographer’s Block, Writer’s Block, and Slush

  1. love the leaves in the puddle photo!

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