Focus Through the Noise or Listen Through the Clutter

As my readers, few that they are, know, I am an avid birder.  Being a typical suburb dweller, when I am short on time I try to bird my little half acre.  Alas, although all of the trees and shrubs give us what I like to call “The illusion of seclusion.” they do not filter out the almost constant noise from the neighbors.

On one side of me there dwells a family which seems to live on their back deck.  No problem except that extends to watching television out there.  Holding family meetings out there.  Talking loudly on cell phones out there.  Oh did I mention their five dogs.  Four of IMGP1648which are dachshunds.  Now I do not dislike their dogs, and they do try to keep them from being bothersome.  But, dachshunds can’t see someone, something, anything move without running around and barking.  It is just their nature.

The neighbors on my other side just carry on normal conversations, with each other and on cell phones.  The trouble is that they only have one volume, LOUD.  The folks directly behind me are very nice and quiet.  And they have no dogs. But, you knew that was coming, they have parrots.  Parrots capable of being heard in my house when their windows are open and mine are closed.

Now about a week ago I was outside weeding and all around me was the cacophony of my neighborhood.  Yet I found myself able to tune out the noise and instead listen to the birds.  I could hear their individual songs and chip notes.  It was if I had reached a state of Zen where the noises of the ordinary were filtered out leaving me free to focus on only the sounds of nature.

That experience started me thinking.  If I could focus through all that noise, then what was to stop me from listening to my inner photographer and finding the image amongst the clutter.  Well this past weekend I had my chance to find out.  I went to a model railroad slowtrainconvention with my husband.  And as want among model railroaders time was also spent driving around looking at real railroads.  As I wandered through the yard I spent my time trying listen to my inner photographer.  I stopped seeing clutter and started looking at images.


About view2013

I'm a photographer who enjoys working with natural light to help my camera capture what my eyes have seen.
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