The Light is Right but the Color is Wrong

In my mind at least, things are sometimes black and white.  Okay, maybe a little grey here and there as well.  But out in the “real world” they somehow are still in color.  Now I’m not talking about theoretical discussions or mathematical facts.  I’m talking about the world IMGP1696that my camera captures.  There are times that no matter how you try, the image that your camera captured is not what you had envisioned.  It can be disheartening to say the least.  But using natural light to illuminate your photos doesn’t mean that some digital darkroom work can’t be done.

I find that there are times when color, or at least bright color, can detract from an image and distract the viewer from getting the full visual impact.  This is an old run in shed the way it actually shed1was when I took the photo.  The colors, although drab did not portray what I had envisioned when I first saw it.

So I played with the image in the “digital shed3darkroom”  My first thought was to make it a straight black and white photo.  Although I am a fan of black and white imagery for some subjects it doesn’t always work.  And to me this shed was one of those subjects.

So I worked the image until I found just the right compromise of “starkness” and color.  This is something that is totally subjective.  What may look “right” to my eye may be nothing like you would have envisioned the image.  Perhaps I would obtained the same effect if I had waited for the right light.  Dusk on an overcast day might have worked.  But this shed is an hours drive away from home for me and trying to plan on being there on an overcast day at dusk is a bit difficult since I also work full time. But then, one of these days I may just try for it.shed2



About view2013

I'm a photographer who enjoys working with natural light to help my camera capture what my eyes have seen.
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