Light and Weather Wait for No One

Natural light photography is dependent of course on the light outside of my window.  But  weather plays a large part in dictating how that light looks.  And like, time weather and the light can be fleeting.   And along with them, what you may have wanted to capture.

The other night  I had gone outside to help my husband for a moment.  When I stepped outside my front door I was greeted by the sight of a giant full moon framed on either side by a neighbors towering trees.  Instead of following my instinct to run inside and grab my camera, I made the mistake of helping my husband first.

Once my assistance was no longer needed I dashed back inside for my camera.  I hesitated IMGP1550for perhaps twenty long seconds while I played at deciding which lens to use.  Finally I decided to use whatever lens was already on the camera and worry about switching lenses after I take a few shots.  So I go back outside, aim my camera and was able to capture this.

That’s right, the fast moving clouds covered the full moon.  The full moon that had been visible the whole time I was helping my husband.  The moon that was visible even as I stepped back outside camera in hand.  I felt helpless as I watched the last of the moon disappear.

So I spent some time trying to see if I could find an image amongst the clouds.  I must admit that it was difficult for IMGP1555me.  I often enjoying watching storm clouds skitter across the sky and pile up upon each other.  Watching the clouds grow ever darker and more threatening.  But capturing those images is difficult for me.

The best way to capture the threat that storm clouds poses is to anchor them with an earthbound subject.  This grounds the clouds and gives the viewer a sense of prospective, and hopefully a sense of fear.  The sense IMGP1557of fear may only be subliminal but still exists.

I have no desire to become a storm chaser.  I don’t want to be out in the storms themselves risking life and equipment to tornadoes and lightening.  I may, however, become a cloud chaser.


About view2013

I'm a photographer who enjoys working with natural light to help my camera capture what my eyes have seen.
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1 Response to Light and Weather Wait for No One

  1. shadowsrider says:

    Yep, I have lost good shots too by thinking I have time to do X before I take the photo. Next time the husband is on his own!

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